Prospective authors are invited to submit papers dealing with the conference subjects. Please note that an author cannot be listed as first author on more than one paper.

Submission of Abstracts: 15 November 2007
Notification of Authors: 25 January 2008
Submission of Final Papers: 15 March 2008

Every paper to be presented at the conference needs at least one delegate registration (non-refundable) by 15 February 2008.

Your abstract and your final paper should be prepared in accordance with the following instructions and submitted only electronically (MS Word 2003 format or earlier) to the Conference Organiser:

Christina Prieser


Format for Papers:

  • Page Size/Type: DIN A4
  • Margins Top/Bottom: 3.0 cm; Margins Left/Right 3.0 cm
  • Do not use any “headers and footers”
  • Font/Size: Arial, font size 11
  • Spacing/Printing: single spacing and single-sided
  • Justification: complete text, except in case of tables and figures
  • Language: British English

Final Papers:

    • On the first page indicate only:
      • Title of the paper: centred and written in bold letters, font size Arial 14, space before 4 lines
      • Authors: author’s name, title, company/organisation, address with e-mail, phone and fax number as well as co-authors’ names should be placed below the title, left-aligned
      • Brief biography of the main author of not more than 150 words
    • On the second page, the main body of the paper starts, divided in sections and sub-sections as appropriate.
    • Sections should be numbered and their title typed in bold capitals (e.g. 1 INTRODUCTION) at the left side of the page; sub-sections must be numbered using two digits and their title typed in lower case bold (e.g. 2.1 Safety On Board) at the left side of the page; except when starting on a new page, two blank lines must be left before each section title.
    • The main body of the text is followed by ENDNOTES, REFERENCES and APPENDICES (if appropriate) without a section number but in bold capitals.
    • Tables are to be numbered sequentially and have an explanatory title aligned left above the table.
    • Figures must be drawn using good quality graphical software; they must be numbered sequentially and have an informative title aligned left above the figure.
    • Footnotes must be numbered sequentially with their numbers superior in the text; footnotes are placed after the end of the main text in a separate chapter ENDNOTES.
    • Bibliographical references are placed in alphabetical order in the separate chapter REFERENCES; the citations should follow the examples below:
      Kotler, P. (1997), Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control, 9th edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

      Anderson, J.C., Hakansson, H. and Johanson, J. (1994), Dyadic business relationships within a business network context, in: Journal of Marketing 58 (4), page 1-15

      Article in book edited by another author:
      Buckley, P.J. and Casson, M. (1986), A theory of cooperation in international business, in: Contractor, F.J. and Lorange, P. (Eds) (1988), Cooperative Strategies in International Business – Joint Venture and Technology Partnerships Between Firms, Lexington Books, Lexington, Mass., page 31-53

      Web Document:
      Pezzey, J.C. (2002), Sustainability policy and environmental policy, Draft 17 October, Economics and Environmental Network, ANU, viewed 18 November 2003,


  • Maximum number of pages of the paper: 15 (including tables, figures, references, and appendices)

Download the Instructions for Authors and an Example as MS Word files.

Download the Guidelines for Oral Presentations as pdf-file.

Download the Guidelines for Poster Presentations as pdf-file.