How to get to Ispic from Sheffield in South Yorkshire

When you’ve read all you need to know about the conference, it’s important to remember how to get there, and in this article we will discuss how to get there from Sheffield.

Now there are plenty of obvious landmarks in the Sheffield area that we could start from, but we know a lot of people like to gather at the offices of Strawberry Student Homes on Ecclesall Road before they go to places, so we’ve included the directions below from that location too.

Directions from University of Sheffield

Directions from Sheffield Hallam University

Directions from Meadowhall

Directions from Owler Bar

Directions from Strawberry Student Homes

Now remember to pack the essentials, such as your laptop, and if you’re presenting then please remember to follow all of our presenting guidelines as stated on our website here.

And remember to enjoy the conference!

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