ISPIC 2008 will comprise a wide range of interesting contributions. Due to the fact that plenty of abstracts were received, the Conference Organisers decided to allow as many presentations as possible by introducing the chance of poster presentations.

The abstracts of all papers accepted for oral or poster presentation at ISPIC 2008 may be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the name of the speaker/poster presenter in the list below.

Accepted for
Oral Presentation

Accepted for
Poster Presentation

Capt. M. Abou-Elkawam Mr. D. Albrecht
Capt. K. Akatsuka Capt. Asst. Prof. C. Bergquist
Mr. M. Baidoo Capt. U. Bustorff
Mr. N. Bellstedt Mr. T. Daroszewski
Capt. Dr. A. Bernaerts Asst. Prof. Dr. G. Frank
Capt. D. Blöchl Capt. R. Garcia Bernal
Dr. C. de Hennin Dr. K. Mack
Capt. B. Franck Dr. T. Porathe
Mr. A. Graveson Dr. M. Puskeppeleit
Capt. D. Hentschel Mr. W. Rethemías
Capt. Asst. Prof. J. Horck  
Capt. Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Lützhöft  
Mr. R. Müller  
Mrs. A. Oesterle  
Dr. P. B. Payoyo  
Asst. Prof. Dr. M. Prijon  
Capt. Prof. Dr. R. Rodríguez-Martos Dauer  
Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Saarni
Mr. B. Ständer
Mr. F. Utes
Capt. B. Wardetzki
Mrs. A. Willnow
Dr. C. Yurtören
Mrs. H. Zahr